What is an illegal delivery in cricket?

In cricket, an illegal delivery is a bowler’s delivery that violates the laws of the game. When making online sports betting with 1xbetbd.com, you can also wager on whether things like this will occur too. There are 2 kinds of illegal deliveries, which are “no-balls” and “wides”.

These kinds of events can result in 2 consequences, which are penalty runs or extra deliveries being awarded to the batting side. Understanding what constitutes an illegal delivery is crucial for both players and spectators to grasp the nuances of the game. You can make sports betting online with 1xBet, where you can see different nuances of cricket in action.

What happens with no-balls

Let’s begin by talking about the 1st of the 2 aforementioned kinds of illegal deliveries, the no-balls. They occur when the bowler oversteps the popping crease, the front edge of which marks the boundary between the pitch and the rest of the field. Make an online cricket x bet wager today, where you can also gamble on whether a no-ball will occur as well.

If the bowler’s front foot lands beyond this line while delivering the ball, it is deemed a no-ball. Additionally, bowlers can be called for a no-ball for other circumstances, with 3 examples being:

  • bowling with a bent arm that straightens beyond the allowed limit during the delivery (commonly known as a “chucking” or “throwing” action);
  • running on the pitch;
  • and delivering dangerous or unfair balls.

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The consequences of a no-ball vary depending on the situation. For example, in the 2 main limited-overs cricket variations, ODI and T20, a no-ball results in the batting team being awarded one extra run, called a “penalty run”.

In Test matches, however, no-balls do not result in penalty runs but can still be costly for the bowling side. This is because they must re-bowl the delivery, giving the batsman another chance to score without the risk of getting out.

Explaining wides

A wide delivery is one that passes outside the marked boundary of the batting crease on the leg side or off side, beyond the reach of the batsman. You can place a bet live cricket match at 1xBet, where wides are also an outcome that is available.

The exact width of the permissible delivery zone is determined by the position of the batsman and the stance they adopt. A wide is called if the ball crosses this boundary, making it too difficult for the batsman to play a shot. Currently it is possible to place a live bet on a cricket match through 1xBet, where many things that can happen during deliveries can be wagered.

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