Maximizing Benefits with a Dubai Tax Consultant: Corporate Tax Strategies

The introduction of corporate tax in the UAE in 2023 brought about new considerations for businesses regarding tax planning and compliance. With the UAE offering a relatively low flat tax rate of 9% for taxable income exceeding AED 375,000, maximizing tax savings through strategic planning is important for all companies. Engaging a reputed tax consultant in Dubai like Corporate Tax UAE can help businesses optimize their corporate tax position and take full advantage of deductions, exemptions, and incentives available under UAE tax laws. This article explores the key strategies and services tax consultants Dubai (TCD) offer to help companies minimize their tax liabilities.

  • Evaluating Taxable Income for UAE Corporate Tax

Tax consultant benefits Dubai businesses by evaluating the company’s Taxable Income for UAE Corporate Tax over multiple periods. A Tax consultant UAE analyzes amount reported in its financial statements to identify deductions that can reduce the taxable base, such as:

  • Unrealised gains/losses subject to election on realization principle
  • Exempt income such as qualifying dividends, capital gains
  • Gains/losses on transfers within qualifying groups
  • Gains/losses from certain restructuring transactions
  • Deductions disallowed
  • Related party, connected person transactions
  • Group tax loss transfers if conditions are met
  • Specified incentives/reliefs
  • Other adjustments as outlined by the Minister

The Tax consultant in Dubai (TCD) will advise on maximizing deductions based on permissible limits and timing of recognition. 

  • Optimizing Accounting Periods and Estimated Tax Payments

The tax period is the timeframe for which income and expenses are reported for corporate tax purposes. By default, it follows the company’s financial year but can be changed to a calendar year with FTA approval. Switching periods allows timing recognition of profits and losses across years. Additionally, quarterly instalment payments called Advance Corporate Tax can reduce interest costs if overall tax liability is timely settled in instalments rather than one lump sum. TCD help clients choose optimal accounting periods and estimate installment amounts.

  • Evaluating Free Zone Structuring

Setting up businesses in UAE free zones offers several tax advantages compared to the mainland. Income qualifying as ‘exempt income’ earned by a ‘Qualifying Free Zone Establishment’ is subject to 0% corporate tax rate rather than the standard 9%. Corporate tax advisors analyze a company’s business model and transactions to advise the most tax-efficient free zone and ownership structure. They can help apply for free zone licensing and maintain substance requirements to retain the 0% tax exempt status annually.

  • Maximizing Loss Carry Forwards

Loss-making periods are part of every business cycle. UAE corporate tax laws allow tax losses representing the excess of allowable deductions over taxable income to be carry forward indefinitely until fully adjusted against future profits arising in subsequent tax periods. Tax consultant benefits Dubai businesses by ensuring that losses are accurately reported and maximally utilized in future years to minimize tax outflows. 

  • Accessing Double Taxation Agreements

The UAE has over 80 comprehensive double taxation agreements (DTAs) in effect with foreign jurisdictions to prevent double taxation of income and encourage international investment and trade. These pacts determine the scope of UAE taxes on foreign-source income and manner of relieving double tax through credit or exemption methods. Expert TCD helps businesses structure cross-border transactions and entity ownership in a manner that avails full treaty benefits like reduced withholding tax rates.

  • Managing Transfer Pricing Compliance

Related-party transactions within a multinational group must follow the arm’s length principle as prescribed under UAE transfer pricing regulations. Documentation and benchmarking requirements apply to large businesses. By strategic tax planning Dubai consultants with benchmarking transactions, maintaining contemporaneous documentation, conducting risk assessments and supporting clients during tax authority inquiries. Their services help ensure compliance with standards to avoid potential adjustments or penalties.

  • Review of Tax Incentive Schemes

The UAE offers various small business relief and incentives across specific business sectors, zones and emirates to promote priority industries. Examples include tax exemptions for companies in priority sectors, government entities, etc. TCD keep clients updated about new incentive schemes introduced via Cabinet or Ministerial decisions and help them structure qualifying operations to maximize benefits.

  • Tax Efficient Business Reorganizations

Corporate restructuring through mergers, acquisitions, business transfers etc. require careful planning to minimize tax impact. Expert consulting is critical to structure deals, transfer assets, values shares in a tax efficient way and take advantage of tax neutrality provisions wherever possible. Corporate tax advisors apply for necessary regulatory approvals and address complex transfer pricing implications.

  • Adhering to Compliance Obligations

Tax consultant UAE ensure businesses remain compliant with all UAE corporate tax filing obligations like registration, book-keeping standards, annual return submissions, payment deadlines to avoid penalties. They help prepare and review tax computations, liaise with tax authorities during assessments or audits and resolve disputes through representation and appeals. Proactive monitoring and support with FTA interactions keep clients protected against non-compliance risks.


Table 1:Top Tax Consultants in Dubai

Tax Consulting Firm Website
Corporate Tax UAE
Grant Thornton



By engaging specialist tax consultant benefits Dubai businesses by assisting them to seize opportunities to legally minimize corporate tax outflows through strategic planning aligned with UAE tax laws. Corporate Tax UAE offer solutions tailored for each client’s circumstances that maximize tax savings. Our multi-dimensional support including optimized structuring, full compliance management and ongoing advisory helps companies maximize recurring savings year-on-year. It is hence recommended that businesses regularly reassess their tax position with TCD, especially following rule changes.


Q: What strategies can a tax consultant in Dubai offer for corporate tax savings?

Tax consultant in Dubai can help businesses maximize tax savings through strategies like free zone structuring, optimizing accounting periods, loss carry forwards utilization, transfer pricing documentation, identifying eligible deductions and exemptions available under tax incentive schemes.

Q: How often should businesses in Dubai reassess their tax planning strategies?

Businesses should review their corporate tax strategies at least annually, but considering the dynamic nature of UAE tax laws undergoing frequent updates, bi-annual or quarterly evaluations are recommended. This ensures continuance of optimized structuring and leveraging of any new benefits introduced via regulatory changes.

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