Liên Minh OKVIP – Asia’s No. 1 entertainment brand

In the context of the increasingly growing and competitive online entertainment market. Liên Minh OKVIP has emerged as a shining star in the ocean of Asian entertainment brands. With the perfect combination of technology and constant creativity, the group has built a special entertainment system throughout Asia!

Introducing the history of formation and development of OKVIP company

OKVIP is proud to be the leading entertainment services provider in Asia. We serve a diverse customer base helping them reduce the pressure and stress of their daily lives. The company’s official page is BRAND so users can easily connect with our services.

Introducing the history of formation and development of OKVIP company

History begin

OKVIP started operating in 2009, when the internet gradually became indispensable in everyday life in Vietnam. Born with the desire to bring new and interesting entertainment experiences. The brand has created a change in the traditional, boring way of entertainment.

The strong development of the brand is the result of the continuous efforts and inquiring spirit of the development team. We always strive to be creative and adapt to new trends to put customers at the center.

Business license

OKVIP has been licensed to operate legally and is recognized as one of the leading reputable companies in Asia. We serve more than 20 million customers every day. Operating mainly in advertising and media technology in Vietnam.

Strategic vision and mission

The Group has been striving to become a leading information technology service provider in Asia. Committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to customers, with the goal of building a popular, trustworthy and responsible brand. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safest and most transparent entertainment experience.

Sustainable core values ​​OKVIP is committed to

Core values ​​of sustainable commitment

  • Services: Providing diverse, high-quality services.
  • Reputation: Build and maintain trust through transparency and reliability.
  • Customers: Respecting and meeting all customer needs is a top priority.
  • Creativity: Always encourage creativity and innovation in all activities.
  • Social responsibility: Contribute to the community with a sense of responsibility and compassion.

OKVIP’s activities in a number of areas

In the online entertainment technology industry, the corporation stands out as a leading corporation, bringing to the market diverse products and services, from online games to other entertainment activities. This not only helps OK VIP expand its scope of operations but also diversify its entertainment ecosystem, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of users.

Super attractive online game

With a team of experienced, passionate and creative staff, OKVIP constantly provides unique and safe gaming experiences. Online game products include:

  • OKWIN: As the leading exchange card gaming platform, OKWIN offers more than 20 different card games, from Tien Len, Phom to Bau Cua. Friendly user interface and fast, safe deposit and withdrawal system make OKWIN the top choice for players.
  • OK365: This platform specializes in Esports games, from Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile to Free Fire and FIFA Online 4. OK365 stands out with diverse and fair tournaments, providing opportunities for players to earn money through competitions.
  • OKFUN: Focus on light entertainment games like Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds. OKFUN encourages connection between players with features such as chatting and sending gifts, creating a vibrant exchange community.

OKVIP’s activities in a number of areas

Watch live sports news extremely fast

An important part of OKVIP’s development strategy is to provide live sports and match information through the Okchoi brand. This is the address where fans can follow sports news online without interruption. Okchoi has quickly become the preferred choice of football fans.

Distribute entertainment services to partners

Not only do we directly provide entertainment products, we also expand our business by distributing exclusive games. We cooperate according to the “incomplete franchise” model. Ensure that each product that reaches the user complies with the highest quality standards. 

Our technical support team is always ready to resolve any issues, ensuring the player experience is not affected. From there, it enhances its reputation and brand value in the online entertainment industry, especially in the gaming field in Vietnam.


OKVIP Alliance is more than just a name in the online entertainment industry. A symbol of innovation, committed to bringing high quality experiences to customers. With hoạt động của okvip and steady progress in improving product and service quality. The brand has and continues to affirm its position as the number 1 entertainment brand in Asia.

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