A Step-by-Step Guide on Renting a Phone Number with SMS-MAN

The modern world is dominated by digital technology, making privacy and convenience crucial, particularly in receiving SMS messages online. For instance, freelancers, travellers, small business owners, and privacy-conscious people are always looking for a reliable way to handle their communication without putting their personal information in danger. 

SMS-MAN is a trusted service provider that caters to the need to rent phone numbers from all over the world. Hence, customers can receive SMS online. This guide explains in detail how you can use SMS-MAN for your communication needs.

Introduction to SMS-MAN

SMS-MAN is a platform that mainly provides SMS-only phone numbers to users who can receive SMSs online. You can create accounts and verify services without giving out your real phone number or keeping your privacy. SMS-MAN provides you with a safe and flexible solution. Thus, the question arises: How can you begin utilising the services of SMS-MAN? Make this step-by-step guide for your teacher.

Registering an Account with SMS-MAN

  1. Visit the SMS-MAN Website: The first step is to visit the SMS-MAN site. Here, you will discover a summary of their services and their phone numbers in various countries worldwide.
  2. Sign Up: Click on the “Register” button. You must provide a valid email address and create a password or use a social media account for a faster registration process.
  3. Account Verification: You can check your account through the link sent to the email address you provided or via SMS if you choose mobile verification.

Navigating the Dashboard

After you log in, you’ll be on the dashboard. This dashboard is your home base for locating and handling renters’ phone numbers.

  1. Explore Available Numbers: The dashboard prominently displays options to view available numbers. You can filter by country, service (like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.), and number type.
  2. Account Balance: Ensure your balance matches rent numbers and receives messages. You can add funds using various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

Renting a Phone Number

  1. Select Your Desired Service: Choose the service for which you need a phone number. SMS-MAN provides numbers compatible with nearly any application or website that verifies via SMS.
  2. Choose the Country: Select the country from which you need a phone number. This is particularly useful for bypassing geo-restrictions or for creating a local presence.
  3. Pick a Number: Choose an available number once you’ve filtered based on your needs. Details, including cost and rental duration, will be displayed.
  4. Complete the Rental: Follow the prompts to complete your transaction. Your newly rented number will be ready to use immediately.

Receiving SMS

  1. Receive Messages: SMS messages sent to your rented number will appear in the SMS-MAN dashboard. You can use these messages to verify accounts or sign up for services.
  2. Manage Messages: Keep track of received messages and numbers in the dashboard. Note that rented numbers have a specific validity period unless extended.

Tips for Using Rented Phone Numbers Effectively

  1. Plan Ahead: Know the duration for which you’ll need the number and choose accordingly.
  2. Privacy First: Use rented numbers to safeguard your real number, especially when signing up for untested services.
  3. Avoid Financial Transactions: These numbers are meant for verification and not for sensitive actions like banking.


Can I rent more than one number at a time?

Yes, SMS-MAN allows users to rent multiple numbers simultaneously, enabling you to manage various services or verifications effortlessly.

What happens if I receive a call on my rented number?

Rented numbers from SMS-MAN are primarily used to receive SMS messages. Most numbers cannot receive voice calls, focusing instead on text verification purposes.

Is it possible to choose a specific phone number?

While SMS-MAN offers various phone numbers from multiple countries, the selection is based on availability and cannot be customised to specific digits.


Renting a phone number with SMS-MAN is a simple process that offers many advantages, especially regarding privacy and convenience. Whether you are a freelancer, a traveller, or someone preoccupied with sharing personal information, SMS-MAN is the ideal answer for receiving SMS online without the necessity of a physical SIM card. Through this guide, you can start applying their services today and ensure your messages are managed securely and efficiently.

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