Top 7 Gifts To Give A New Mom on Mother’s Day

When a woman turns into a new mom and it is her first Mother’s Day celebration, while every happy Mother’s Day starts with flowers she deserves to receive carnations, orchids, tulips, roses, gerbera, etc. Speaking of which, these are special happy Mother’s Day flowers. Furthermore, giving her a special gift whether big or small, will always keep the memories of her new motherhood journey alive.

New moms are more than happy to receive an appreciation for reaching their first milestone of successfully delivering a baby, so anything nice coming from a loved one is always welcomed. A new mom is forever grateful to receive love in her most crucial phase of life.

If you want to give a new mom the best but are clueless about what to give, here are some of the best-suggested gifts you can choose from

7 Best Gifts For New Moms

Kudos to mothers who successfully lived through pregnancy and have delivered babies. It is indeed a journey of endurance. To cheer for all new moms, here are some of the best gifts to surprise them and make their first Mother’s Day celebration wonderful

Mom Printed Tumbler Or Flask

While working hard to be a perfect mother, she might tend to forget to take care of herself and stay hydrated. So when life gets super hectic, she will need a tumbler or flask to keep sipping on her warm water or coffee to keep her going.

Buy a stainless steel and well-vacuumed mom-themed tumbler. Don’t forget to choose her favorite color and you can even get an animated picture or good wording printed on it. If there’s something already available with a print, nothing like it.

Mom & Baby Animated Printed T-Shirt

A cotton t-shirt printed with funny mommy and baby wordings or animated pictures looks chic and cute. Try finding an interesting t-shirt to bring a bright smile to the new mom’s face. If the mother has a son then there are plenty of Disney t-shirts with witty wordings available. 

On the other hand, for mothers with daughters, there are princess and mommy t-shirts available. If you wish, you can even get t-shirts customized to the new mom’s taste.

Bracelet for A New Mom

If the new mom you wish to gift is fond of jewelry and you want her to treasure the little yet special memories of entering motherhood with a piece of meaningful jewelry then get her a bracelet. Look up for silver-coated bracelets with a mother and baby denoting love, innocence, and strong connection.

Cake & Candles

The aroma coming out of candles is exceptionally pleasant. Imagine the new tired mom lighting those candles after a hectic day and rejuvenating her lost energy to have a good night’s sleep. Since it is Mother’s Day you can probably stick to shades like pink, purple, white, etc. These are feminine shades and they suit the occasion.

Along with the candles you can buy her small cakes or a small piece of plum cake and send her those special happy Mother’s Day flowers.

Nursing Clothes Set

The initial period after delivering a baby is entirely new for a mother. She is taking another birth altogether and at that time her comfort is of utmost importance. 

The basic need a new mom has is comfort while feeding because she needs to feed the newborn until he/she is 6 months on demand and she cannot do it happily if she is not wearing comfortable clothes. 

So, you can buy her a couple of clothing essentials necessary when feeding and wrap it up in a nice basket. Buy her a couple of feeding bra’s, feeding maxi’s and nursing t-shirts.

Postpartum Tea Pack

Flower based non-caffeinated tea’s are healthy and complete mood-boosters for a new mother. These tea’s specifically made for good postpartum health contain plant and flower based extracts.

Gifting her a couple of tea leaves bags with a handmade greeting to cheer her up is one of the best things you can do. Online, there are several postpartum tea packs available. Check them out, research about the product and surprise that special new mom. 

Baby Letter Writing Journal

If the new mom you are gifting for Mother’s Day is a person who is good with expressing her emotions on paper or is a writer by passion or profession, this letter-writing journal is apt to gift her. She can write her experiences and express whatever she feels to her baby and hand them over to him/her when the child grows.

In conclusion, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there. Without our moms, we would be different and life would have been more challenging. So let’s cheer, celebrate, pamper, and show love to new moms with flowers, cake or chocolates, and one useful gift. There are tons of happy Mothers day flowers, chocolates, cakes, and products available online to make the occasion a happy one.


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