Ten insider tips for choosing the best car rental deals in Dubai

We all know that Dubai city is famous for its bustling streets, luxury lifestyle as well as skyscrapers. You can explore all these destinations by renting a car in Dubai. No matter whether you are a visiting resident or visiting the city for a business meeting, renting a car in Dubai offers convenience, flexibility as well as an ideal opportunity to explore the Dubai city on your own terms. However, finding the rent a car Dubai deals is a challenging task especially when there are a bundle of options available. In order to navigate the process, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 tips that you must ensure to get the most value for your money in Dubai. Let’s get to know the significant tips to secure the best current deal in Dubai.

Book in advance

One of the golden rules to get the best current deal in UAE is to book early. Always make your reservation in advance. In this way, you’ll not only choose your favorite vehicle but it also increases the chances of getting the better deal. In Dubai the rental prices tend to rise as the day approaches. Therefore, booking ahead will help you save a significant amount of money.

Avoid airport rentals

Keep in mind that renting a car directly from the airport is convenient but it comes with a heavy price tag. Almost all the airport rental locations charge higher due to the added convenience they offer. In order to save your money, it would be best to consider renting a car from an airport location. Many rental companies also provide complimentary shuttle service from the airport to outside locations. It is another cost-effective alternative to save more in Dubai.

Compare the prices

Never settle for the first car rental company in Dubai you come across. Always take the time to compare the prices from multiple car rental companies in Dubai so you can find the best deal according to your budget. For this purpose, you can also utilize online comparison platforms to compare the car models, their rental terms as well as rates. The rental prices can vary depending on the factors such as the type of vehicle and current location.

Take advantage of deals and discounts

If you want to save your money on car rental, keep an eye for promotion discounts and special offers provided by the car rental agencies in Dubai. There are also many loyalty programs as well as discounts. You can also sign up for newsletters and follow the company on social media to stay formed about the discounts and deals. Furthermore, many credit card companies also offer car rental insurance so be sure to check if you are eligible for this service.

Be flexible with the pickup and drop of location

Flexibility and convenience is the key when it comes to getting the best car rental deal. Don’t limit yourself to a specific pick up drop of location. You can also consider alternative options. Sometimes renting a car from a location outside the City Centre can result in lower rates. Additionally, returning the car to a different location where you pick it up can also change the rental fee. So, it is suggested to know the pros and cons of pick up and drop of location before making your decision.

Option for a compact or economy car

Renting a luxury car for city exploration leads to a high rental fee. On the other hand, compact cars or economic cars will lead you to significant savings. These vehicles are not only fuel efficient but also come with lowest rental rates and insurance premiums. Unless there is a need for extra features and space consider a smaller card according to your budget.

Consider the fuel policies

While renting a car in Dubai, always pay attention to the fuel policy of the company. Agencies in Dubai operate on full to full policy. According to this policy, you have to return the car with a full tank of fuel. However, other companies operate on pre-purchase fuel options or charge. You have to calculate the total cost including the fuel charges to determine the most cost effective option for your rent.

Understand the terms and conditions

Always take time to read and understand the terms and conditions before signing the final rental agreement. Pay attention to significant details such as additional fees, insurance, service, mileage limit as well as cancellation policy. Clarify all your questions and be concerned with the agent to avoid any hidden charge. Being informed about the terms will ensure a more than convenient experience in Dubai.

Inspect the vehicle

Inspect the vehicle for any pre existing damage. If you notice any dent or scratch make sure they are documented in the agreement to avoid being held responsible for it. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the operation of the car such as the location of sphere tires and emergency equipment.

Avoid extra fees

Keep in consideration that many car rental agencies in Dubai seat as well as navigation systems. Although, these extra are convenient but it will add a rental cost. Consider whether you need these add ons or you can make do without them. Furthermore, bringing your own child seat or GPS device will help you avoid unnecessary fees.

Renting a vehicle in Dubai is responsible to enhance your travel experience and offer the freedom to explore my year on terms. By following the above, you can easily secure the best car rental deal in Dubai and make the most of your journey. Following these tips and research before renting a car will help you save your money and time. 

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