Should you consider cheap SSL certificate?

Given that an inexpensive SSL certificate may be a sound decision in many cases, depending upon the situation, the idea of should not be dismissed out of hand. Here are several factors to consider when deciding whether a cheap SSL certificate is suitable for your situation: Here are several factors to consider when deciding whether a cheap SSL certificate is suitable for your situation:

  1. Basic Security Needs

Nevertheless, if the objective is to encrypt the data that is exchanged between your website and the users’ browsers, and you do not have demanding security related requirements that are associated with a higher price, a cheap SSL certificate will satisfactorily do this job. More affordable options have comparable security measures to those of premium versions that guarantee protection of personal information, including login data and financial information.

  1. Budget Constraints

For individuals who own small businesses or start-up companies or personal websites that are usually tightly squeezed financially to afford even the cheapest SSL certificate is a better proposition financially. Such certificates tend to be significantly cheaper, which means that you can allocate resources to other parts of your business while still having adequate security.

  1. Validation Level

Think through the level of validation needed for website. Free SSLs are usually in the Domain Validation (DV) type of SSLs, which does not include a thorough check of the domain owner. If the website requires validation beyond DV (like OV or EV), then DV can suffice as well as is cheaper.

  1. Trust and Credibility

Although the cheaper certificates can offer roughly the same level of encryption, they might not have extra features like the green address bar signifying Extended Validation or a stiffer warranty. These trust indicators may not always be necessary depending on the setting, customer needs, and industrial requirements of producing credible and trustworthy information or service.

  1. Renewal Costs

One must think beyond the price tag of SSL certificates and consider the future cost of renewing the SSL certificates. There are some really low-price SSL certificates with higher renewal charges or a short validity period, which again, may offset the price difference. In making this decision, it is important to consider the total cost invested in the process throughout the entire lifecycle of that certificate.

  1. Provider Reputation

Beware that the cheap SSL certificate is being offered by a reputable CA along with getting the company’s name on the list of those CA that are recognized by most popular browsers. A reliable and reputable CA will obviously ensure that the certificate you get is correct and works well on every platform thus reducing the likelihood of facing browsers compatibility problems or getting to be flagged as insecure.


Getting a cheap ssl certificates may be the best choice for most Internet based businesses for the following reasons; Understanding your exact needs, knowing the levels of validation, measuring the long-term costs, and choosing a reliable Certificate Authority, you can decide on an affordable SSL certificate that will meet your security requirements while not comprising quality. However, it is significant to check how many dollars you are willing to pay for a low level of security and trust in case you need more security and trust level for your website.


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