Quick Questions and Answers Game Tien Len: Tứ Quý Có Chặt Được 4 Đôi Thông Không?

When playing the card Tien Len on Hi88, many people wonder if tứ quý có chặt được 4 đôi thông không. To help resolve the confusion in players’ hearts, Hi88 will join you today to learn about this content.

What is the concept of four quarters?

Quarter K in the article Moving On

If you want to know if tứ quý có chặt được 4 đôi thông không, first you should find out more clearly what four quarters is. Hi88 will share in detail so that you can clearly understand this concept so you can play the game confidently and comfortably in the future.

What is the four quarters? Four of a kind means talking about 4 cards of the same value and when playing Tien Len card, you can encounter four of a kind 5, four of a kind 8, four of a kind 10,… In the card game rules, four of a kind 2 is the four of a kind. The four of a kind have the greatest value, so if you own the 2nd four of a kind, you have the opportunity to cut many other cards.

What is the concept of 4 pairs of pine trees?

When playing Tien Tien in both North and South regions, you will also get acquainted with the concept of 4 pairs of cards. So how to understand 4 pairs of communication correctly? In fact, 4 straight pairs are 4 consecutive pairs, for example pair 5 – double 6 – double 7 – double 8. Because 4 straight pairs are a series of 8 cards like this, it will be very rare for you to have them. You can have 4 pairs of pine needles in your hand. It is also because of this rare appearance that in Tien Len, 4 pairs of information are considered extremely valuable.

Hi88 Answer: Can four pairs of pine trees be cut into four pairs?

You must be wondering if the four limbs are strong enough to cut down four pairs of pine trees. If you look at the rules of the game, players on Hi88 will be able to know the answer immediately. Specifically, let’s see what four pairs can cut and what four pairs can cut.

Image of four precious and four pairs of pine trees

Which cards can be cut in a four-of-a-kind card?

When learning about four-of-a-kind cards, depending on the rules of the game in the South or the North, the rules for cutting cards are different. Please refer to this content to see whether the rules of the game in both regions allow four of a kind to cut 4 pairs of pine or not.

  • Rules of the game going to the North: 4 out of 4 players will cut 1 pig
  • Rules of the Southern Tien Tien game: Four of a kind can cut 2 pigs/3 pairs of pine trees
  • In addition, both the law of moving to the North and moving to the South allow the four big quarters to cut off the four small quarters.

What can four pairs of pine trees chop in the song Tien Tien?

In this part, you and Hi88 will learn about the power of 4 pairs of pine trees. When playing Tien Tien card game, the case of 3 pairs of cards is quite rare and has great power. However, 4 pairs of cards are much rarer, so it is clear that these are valuable cards. When owning 4 pairs of cards in hand, the player will have the following advantages:

  • 4 pairs of pine trees can cut down 1 tree
  • 4 pairs of pine trees can also cut 1 pair of pigs
  • At the same time, 4 pairs of pine trees will cut 3 pairs of pine trees, this is obvious, right?
  • Cut all 4 pairs of smaller pine trees (similar to the case of cutting four smaller pine needles).
  • 4 pairs of pine trees can also cut four quarters

Note: While playing forward, if there are 4 pairs of cards, the player will not have to wait for a turn but will be allowed to play cards to block other players’ cards at any time. 

Ask and Answer

Tứ quý 2

So when comparing the rules of cutting cards for four of a kind and 4 pairs of cards, you will know that four of a kind cannot cut 4 pairs of cards, but 4 pairs of cards can successfully cut four of a kind. So in terms of the strength of the cards, 4 pairs of pine will be stronger than four of a kind.

Obviously, if we look at the forward card rules as above, four of a kind cannot cut 4 pairs of cards. But in the following special case, you are still considered the winner. That’s when you own the second quarter. Because 4 pairs of pine trees can cut a pair of pigs, if you have 4 pig leaves, you will be the winner. However, this is only a rare case, it is very unlikely to happen, so you should not expect too much.

With a clear answer to whether tứ quý có chặt được 4 đôi thông không as shared above, Hi88 wishes players to move forward with more confidence when they clearly understand the rules of the game. Come enjoy the website and have fun every day!

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