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Experience exclusive live casino tables anytime, anywhere with this award-winning live casino app. Start an online casino right now with Casino Pinocchio. Enjoy gambling responsibly and use it as much as you can afford. If you need help and support with gambling-related issues, Casino Pinocchio can always help you.

Offline Casino Closures and Online Alternatives
COVID-19 temporarily shut down offline casinos around the world four years ago. Government restrictions temporarily shut down casino venues, which has led to an explosion in the number of casino users with online casinos. Its popularity has not cooled down as of 2024.

a variety of gambling options and responsible gambling
Whether you play at Kangwon Land or online casinos, or online, mobile, ground-based bingo clubs or casinos, gambling should be a part of adult leisure entertainment. Therefore, the website is designed to remain fun.

Responsible gambling is not just for those who have gambling problems or are at risk of developing them. It is the best approach for anyone who wants to gamble as part of their leisure time. However, it also provides information for help and advice if you have no control over gambling, need professional help, or have friends or family members who are concerned.

Keep it fun when playing affiliated casinos in Casino Pinocchio. For most people, visiting Casino Pinocchio is a fun and social way to spend time. For a few, however, casino gambling can be an issue. The majority of players do not experience problems, but playing responsibly does not apply to only those who have gambling problems or are at risk of getting into trouble. It is the best way for everyone to enjoy games at online casinos or other gambling venues.

Casino Pinocchio provides a safe and responsible environment and provides support to those who cannot control gambling to help customers stay entertained.

Support and Resources
All casinos offer the following help:

Monitor behaviors that may cause concern and provide extensive training to teams to provide appropriate help and information to customers.
You can set the limit that customers can withdraw from the cash desk.
To prevent further visits, customers with gambling concerns register with the SENSE scheme to provide flyers to “self-exclusion” nationwide from all casinos in the UK.
You can visit the Untact Casino to talk to an administrator who will help you with the quick and simple registration process, or download the registration form through a flyer that provides full information about the SENSE scheme, including the terms and conditions of use.

Prevention and awareness of gambling problems
Provides information to help identify and prevent gambling problems in the early stages, as well as details of useful charities and support organizations that can provide counseling, assistance, or treatment to people with specific gambling problems.

How do I know if there is a problem?
A good way to determine if gambling is no longer fun and out of control is to ask the following questions:

Are you thinking of a way to spend more money on gambling?
Did you have to increase your gambling stakes more and more to get the excitement you were looking for?
Do you experience mood swings, hypersensitivity reactions and jitters when you’re not gambling?
Do you think you gamble to avoid other problems in your life?
Have you ever claimed you’re winning a gamble when you’re actually losing?
Have you tried to reduce the time or money you failed to gamble in the past?
Have you ever been tempted to do something dishonest to finance your gambling?
Have you ever gambled on another day to recoup your losses?
Have you ever hidden gambling from important people in your life?
Have you borrowed money that you couldn’t pay back because of gambling or are you in debt because of gambling?
Have you ever sold a property to gamble or pay off a gambling debt?
Have you ever broken your promise to your family and friends for gambling?
If you answer ‘yes’ to this question, you need to control your gambling.

Troubleshooting and Support
You can take the confidential ‘I’m worried about gambling’ quiz on the website of the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center, and use a gambling calculator to see if gambling is a problem.

What should I do if I think there is a problem?
The first step in taking back control is to be completely honest with yourself, accept that you have a problem, but are willing to deal with it. This is the biggest step you’ve taken to fix the problem. You can adjust your approach and resume control simply by realizing that you’re showing what you’ve been doing that’s causing trouble.

Or, you may feel that you need help, advice, and support. Talk to the general manager or work manager of your local untact casino, or someone else in your senior team who you can comfortably talk to. They all understand related issues and are specially trained to provide information and guidance. Or talk to a family member or friend you know and trust. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

a practical step
Ask someone you trust to manage your money for a period of time. Do not withdraw gambling funds using ATM/cash points, debit cards, or credit cards. Use the money you have saved for yourself or your family to compensate for a ‘gambling-free’ period. If everything fails, stop gambling. You can sign up for SENSE, the casino industry’s national self-exclusion scheme, to self-exclusion from UK casinos nationally.

when you need help
Click here for information and help on how to self-exclusion. Use your calendar to mark days when you are not gambling so you can see your progress. If you need more detailed advice or more specific help and consultation, please find contact information from an excellent gambling support organization such as the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center.

Remember – one day at a time, be optimistic – you can regain control.

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