Mastering MCC: A Complete Guide to Managing Multiple Google Ads Accounts

If you’re running multiple Google ad campaigns for various clients and businesses, setting up a Google Ads Manager account (MCC) is a dynamic step towards streamlined success. The efficiency and ease is undeniable, for advertisers can design and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, alongside running competitive analysis for each campaign.

At GCG Media, we simply cannot imagine working without the facilitative features and streamlined access of an MCC Google account. MCC ads are easier to design and run, and this account provides a range of analytical features to enhance engagement with data-driven insights. Read on to learn how you can set up a Google Ads Manager account with a few simple steps.

Google Ads Manager: How Does it Work?

With MCC Google, the search engine has presented marketers with one platform to manage multiple Google ad accounts, equipping them with cutting-edge tools to supercharge ad performance. Advertisers can easily manage Google MCC accounts as opposed to running individual accounts for each client.

Imagine finding all your ads and campaigns in one dashboard, and accessing different projects without having to enter login details each time. Setting a Google Ad Manager account is also advantageous for large businesses running ad campaigns for several product portfolios.

Aside from the ease of streamlining multiple campaigns, MCC Google offers a wealth of tools, such as geo-specific targeting, analytical tools, performance reviews, and one billing invoice for the month. Accounts like MCC Google work wonders at quadrupling lead generation and conversion potential by empowering marketers with real-time insights.

Setting up a Google Ads Account Manager

Running MCC ads is much more than accessing all your campaigns in one dashboard – it’s about embracing innovation with a wealth of facilitative tools!

Setting up the Google Ads account manager is simple, and will only take a few minutes. Here’s how it’s done:

  1.       Go to the Google Ads Manager Accounts page.
  2.       Select “Get Started”
  3.       A form will open up, requesting your personal details, such as email address – use the same email address as your existing Google Ads account.
  4.       Select a name for your MCC Google account.
  5.       Select one of two options:
  6.           Manage your own ad accounts
  7.           Manage third-party accounts
  8.       Fill in relevant details under country and time zone. Enter the time zone accurately for it will affect multiple features, such as analytical data, billing invoices and ad performance reports.
  9.       Now, it’s time to select which currency you’d like to set. Google Ads Account Manager allows you to set different currencies for each account you link.
  10.       Click “Submit” once you’ve filled out the form. Don’t forget to double-check all the details.


Linking Multiple Ad Accounts with MCC Google

Once you’ve signed up for a Google Ads Manager account, the next step is to link all the ad accounts you’re managing and streamline them in your new and upgraded dashboard. It’s a simple process and you’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to manage Google MCC campaigns.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1.       Go to Settings from your MCC Google account and click on “Sub-account settings.”
  2.       Click on the blue + function.
  3.       Select “Link existing account” and add the 10-digit Google Ads ID number.
  4.       You’ll receive a request notification on the sidebar menu of the account you’re trying to link. Open the notification and grant access.
  5.       Go to the Managers tab on your Google Ads Account Manager and accept the request.
  6.       Customize the level access you need to manage Google MCC campaigns, such as administrative, edit or view only.

Once you’ve linked all your ad accounts with the Google Ads Manager, you will never have to switch back and forth and log in to dozens of different accounts throughout the day.

Budgeting with an MCC Google Account

Bidding and budgeting are two integral strategies that will define your experience of designing and running campaigns with a Google Ads Manager account. You can customize the strategies for every account you’ve linked, and we urge you to customize the budget for each campaign/client to avoid exceeding their spending targets.

You can easily allocate the budget from the settings menu in each sub-account. Bidding demands more consideration in order to determine the ad frequency and keyword strategy for each client.

MCC ads come with the following bidding options:

Automatic Bidding

Allow Google to automate bids based on your projected return on ad spending (ROAS) or cost per action (CPA).

Manual Bidding

Customize your bids for each keyword and ad placement based on your strategy

Enhanced Cost per Click (CPC)

Google will adjust all bids based on your allocated cost per click (CPC).

Once you’ve formulated your bidding and budgeting tactics and verified your website, we urge you to familiarize yourself with MCC Google’s analytical features. Head over to the Tools menu to examine all the features under Conversion. You’ll be surprised to see how the Google Ads Manager account provides options to track signs up, sales, and a wide host of other engagements to closely monitor and nurture your leads.

  The right tools can work wonders at empowering advertisers with creative resources to scale their marketing efforts and secure greater ROIs. A streamlined platform like the Google MCC account can save time and boost productivity while reducing advertising budgets. AT GCG Media, we strongly encourage marketers to stay abreast with industry developments and trends, and become early adopters of platforms and tools that enhance efficiency and targeting.

Google and TikTok remain at the helm of advertising and lead generation trends in 2024, and embracing tools that support geo-specific targeting and higher conversion rates is integral to success. We invite you to maximize your Google conversions with our Google Agency Ad account, and expand your ecommerce clientele across new regions.

Get in touch with our team today and book a consultation session for a detailed discussion on how our Google ads agency account helps advertisers bypass restrictions and reduce spending! 

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