Marketing strategy audit, what is the need?

One of the fundamental keys to the successful operation of any business is a well-designed marketing and its subsequent management. You can order an audit of marketing strategy on the page of the company Marketing Mix. Specialists of the company can conduct a qualitative analysis as a one-time, and audit the marketing of the company on a permanent basis.

Marketing strategy audit: definition, types, criteria

Marketing audit is a set of activities aimed at full verification of all goals, plans and strategies of the company’s activities. It also provides for analytical study of products, area and boundaries of marketing activities.

There are the following types of audits:

  • external – includes analysis of market trends, target audience, competitive environment;
  • internal – analyzes the organization of marketing and evaluation of the work of all its components, marketing-mix.

A marketing strategy audit is considered successful when the following basic criteria are met:

  1. Specifically articulated relevant objectives.
  2. Predicting the development of the situation and the algorithm for achieving goals.
  3. Adherence to the management system and control of marketing.

Successful audit of marketing strategy depends on the competent application of basic tools, among which experts emphasize SWOT and PEST-analysis. This approach allows you to analyze the factors of the external environment that can influence the productive activity of the company.

The result of a marketing strategy audit is to compare and establish whether the company’s strategy is in line with external conditions. When a mismatch is identified, key areas for improvement are identified.

What the social media promotion complex includes

Defining the main goal, drawing up a portrait of the target audience, choosing a communication style and optimizing content are the keys to a successful social media interface promotion strategy.

SMM promotion on various platforms has characteristic features and differences between them. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust social media promotion services to professionals

Profile specialists of Marketing Mix company carry out the following set of basic activities when promoting in social networks:

  1. Community administration: mentioning the company in social networks, analyzing competitors, developing a content plan, publishing content, working with the audience.
  2. Creation of targeting advertising: audience search, creation of an office, formation and launch of advertising, analysis with subsequent selection of the most effective ads, retargeting.

The cost of promotion services in social networks depends on many factors and is made individually for each client, taking into account the amount of work. With the help of professional SMM-managers, a successful profitable advertising campaign is created.

Therefore, we do not recommend saving money. Use the services of Marketing Mix, which will increase not only the audience, but also the company’s profits.

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