Kosten Leihmutterschaft: Detailed Breakdown For Prospective Parents

The decision to become parents is one of the matchless experiences and a dream for the couple. If a person cannot carry a pregnancy, then surrogacy is the only solution, but before choosing this process it is necessary to understand the kosten leihmutterschaft involved before starting a family.

The main cost of having a baby via surrogacy will be different among families. It basically depends on different factors, whether you use this procedure by an agency or surrogacy with a family member or a close friend. It may also depend upon the legal fees, different clinical treatments, medical expenses come across during this procedure. Here we will briefly explain the cost of surrogacy.

Regular Cost of Surrogacy

The regular kosten leihmutterschaft including professional fees, carrier fees, medical expenses, legal and insurance cost is approximately from 100,000 to 140,000. It may be different due to situations, location and experience.

Breakdown of Costs

It is very important to break down the mutual cost while making financial arrangements for surrogacy.

Agency Fees

kosten leihmutterschaft can be different because they are charging according to facilities provided by them. Very few agencies include medical screening and legal services as a part of their package while many others do not do this. 

Its main purpose is to offer a reasonable amount like we’re offering $33,000 to $55,000 or more than that.  Before choosing this procedure, it is important to choose the right agency after keen study of it.

Surrogate Reward

This is the payment that you have to pay to surrogate for having your baby. They’re usually paid around $30.000 to $70,000 or it may also depend on the location and on their experience. Either they are surrogating for the first time but if they are experienced, they can be paid a high amount.

Legal fees

The surrogacy contract is very important to know that legal procedure involves many psychological, ethical and legal complications. It is all related to creating the relationship between the surrogate and the future parents. Therefore, attorney fees are added that are about $10,000 to $18,000.

Insurance cost

An average health insurance plan does not cover surrogate pregnancy but intended parents still take it for their surrogates while working together. Surrogate health insurance means a plan that is related to the surrogate’s health, medical expenses etc. Therefore, intended parents have to buy a separate policy for surrogate which is approximately $30,000.

Medical Expenses

There are different medical expenses related to surrogacy procedures like IVF, screening and fertility medications which cost is about $15,000 to $30,000. Therefore, some intended parents’ health plans may protect fertility treatments for surrogates.


Surrogacy is no doubt a good solution that allows couples to enjoy their parenthood. Becoming a parent is a matchless happiness but it comes with a high price. We are here just to guide you with hope, confidence and optimism by providing authentic information about the cost of surrogacy. 

There are different types of kosten leihmutterschaft to consider; by knowing the expenses, you can understand the potential expenses and create a budget to manage your expenses. 


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