Instagram New Features and Updates for 2024

Instagram has been busy rolling out a bunch of new features in 2024, making the platform more engaging and user-friendly than ever before. These updates are designed to appeal to everyone, from everyday users snapping pics to social media marketers aiming to boost their reach. While Instagram is widely accessible, some users opt for VPNs to enhance their online privacy and security, especially when sharing content or scrolling through the app. Using a VPN such as CyberGhost adds an extra layer of encryption to your internet connection, helping keep your online activities private.

Now, let’s explore the new features Instagram has introduced this year.

New Messaging and Interaction Features

Editing Instagram DMs

Users now have the ability to edit their direct messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. This is particularly useful if you catch a typo or want to change what you wrote.

Pin Chats

You can pin important chats to the top of your message list. This makes it easy to access frequent conversations without scrolling through your entire inbox.

Promo Codes in Shopping

Shopping on Instagram has become more convenient. You can use promo codes directly in the app, which are applied automatically at checkout, making your shopping experience smoother.

Enhanced Content Creation and Management

Scheduled Posts

Instagram now allows you to schedule posts directly within the app, a feature social media managers have long awaited.

Reels and Video Updates

All video posts on Instagram are now presented as Reels. Additionally, Instagram introduced a 60-second Instagram Stories feature, allowing longer videos without interruption.

Instagram Threads

A significant launch in 2024, Instagram Threads is designed to rival X, allowing users to engage in more threaded conversations and post various content forms like text, links, and videos.

New Tools for Group Interactions

Group Profiles

This feature enables users to create a shared profile where group members can post stories, feeds, or reels collectively.

AI Stickers in Stories and DMs

Instagram introduced AI-generated stickers, enhancing the customization of stories and messages with unique, personalized graphics.

Search and Discover Enhancements

Instagram Map Search

This new feature acts like a built-in map, allowing users to discover and interact with various businesses or see posts tagged at specific locations.

Updated Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm now prioritizes posts based on user interactions and engagement with the content creator, providing a more tailored feed.

Business and Creator Tools

Professional Dashboard

Creators and business accounts benefit from an expanded dashboard that offers comprehensive analytics and performance insights.

Manage DMs from Desktop

Instagram has made it easier for businesses to manage messages by enabling DM access from desktop computers.

Enhancing User Experience

Feed without Ads

Users can browse their feed without ads or suggested posts, focusing solely on content from followed accounts.

Hiding Likes

Instagram has allowed users to hide like counts on their posts, making the social environment less competitive.

FAQs About Instagram’s New Features

Q: How do I use the new scheduling feature on Instagram?

A: To schedule a post, create your post as usual and then go to Advanced Settings. Here, you’ll find the option to schedule your post by setting a future publication time.

Q: Can I edit a message after sending it on Instagram?

A: Yes, Instagram now allows you to edit sent messages within 15 minutes of sending them. Simply hold the message you want to edit and select “edit” from the menu.

Q: How can I access Instagram Threads?

A: Threads is a separate app by Instagram that you can download from your app store. It links directly to your Instagram account for easy setup.

Q: Are there any new features for Instagram Stories?

A: Yes, Instagram now supports 60-second stories without cuts. Additionally, AI stickers have been introduced, allowing for more creative and personalized story content.

Q: How do I pin a chat in my Instagram inbox?

A: To pin a chat, swipe left on the chat or press and hold it, then select “pin.” This will keep the chat at the top of your inbox.

Instagram’s updates for 2024 focus on enhancing the platform’s usability and interaction capabilities, ensuring a richer and more engaging user experience. Whether you’re a casual user or a business, these features can significantly improve how you interact and manage content on Instagram.

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