Injection molding machine factory providing on-site installation services

During delivery, we encountered many users who did not want to install the injection molding machines themselves. Therefore, as the world’s leading injection molding machine factory, Topstar can also provide comprehensive on-site installation services after delivering the injection molding machines. This blog post will introduce how Topstar provides excellent installation services.

Injection molding machine factory comprehensive on-site installation services

As a professional injection molding machine factory, we know that many users have limited workshop personnel and are unable to install injection molding machines independently, so we have such a service. We begin our on-site installation services with careful planning and coordination to ensure we execute the installation process efficiently and effectively. We arrange installation dates, coordinate logistics, and address a range of challenges that may arise before the actual start of the project. Our technicians work closely with customers throughout the installation to provide clear communication, guidance, and support. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you can operate your injection molding machine efficiently.

Assess and plan before installation!

Before installation, we thoroughly review the customer’s production requirements, including throughput, part specifications, and desired results. After understanding your needs and goals, we will develop an installation plan. In addition, we conduct a detailed site assessment to understand the installation site’s physical space, layout, and infrastructure. Assess constraints that affect the installation process, such as space limitations, access restrictions, or environmental factors, to ensure a smooth installation process.

Injection molding machine factory professional installation and calibration

After arriving at the site, our technicians will follow strict installation procedures to ensure that each injection molding machine is installed according to specifications. This includes unboxing and inspecting the equipment, placing it in its designated location, and securing it to the foundation or mounting surface. After installation, a calibration process occurs to fine-tune the machine’s settings and parameters for optimal performance. This involves adjusting various components, such as temperature controls, pressure settings, and cycle times, to ensure they operate efficiently and consistently produce high-quality parts.

Injection molding machine testing and commissioning

After installation, a comprehensive series of tests and inspections are conducted to verify the integrity and functionality of every component and subsystem of the injection molding machine. This includes testing electrical systems, hydraulic systems, mechanical components, and safety features to ensure everything works properly. Following this, we conduct a trial run phase to simulate actual production conditions and evaluate the overall performance of the injection molding machine. During this phase, our technicians run a series of test cycles using representative materials, molds, and production parameters to evaluate the machine’s performance, accuracy, and efficiency.

Post-installation support and maintenance

After installation is complete, Topstar will still provide you with ongoing support and maintenance, an essential aspect of which is technical assistance, where our team of technicians will provide timely support to resolve any issues that may arise with the equipment. In addition, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs tailored to our customers’ specific needs and operating requirements. Our maintenance programs include preventive maintenance tasks such as routine inspections, lubrication, and calibration to prevent equipment failure and extend the life of your machine.

Let you use the injection molding machine with peace of mind

We will provide you with professional on-site installation services to ensure the success of our customers’ injection molding operations. With our comprehensive installation process, our experienced technicians can ensure your injection molding machines are installed and running properly.



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