How to Make Free Cloud Backup for Windows PCs

In the present computerized age, safeguarding your data is significant. One of the best ways of guaranteeing your records are safeguarded is through cloud backup. Cloud backup is a solid and open answer for putting away your important information securely. This article will take you through making a free cloud backup tool for Windows PCs utilizing CBackup, a reliable and professional cloud reinforcement administration.

About moving up information in the cloud

Cloud backups allude to the most common way of replicating your information to a far off server over the web. This is not normal for customary backup that requires actual media like an outer hard drive. 

Cloud exchanging gives the comfort of getting to your documents from any place on the off chance that you have a web association. As well as it gives information protection from equipment disappointments. Yet, it additionally forestalls information misfortune because of robbery, catastrophic events or programmed cancellation. Key advantages of cloud backup include:

  • Accessibility: Access your information from any gadget from anyplace on the planet.
  • Security: Scrambled information move and capacity safeguards your documents from unapproved access.
  • Automation: Oversee customary reinforcements to guarantee your information is dependably forward-thinking.
  • Scalability: Effectively add capacity as your information develops.
  • Cloud backup arrangements are particularly helpful for Windows clients, giving consistent combination the working framework and smoothing out the information exchanging process.

Free Cloud Backup Answer for All Windows Computers

CBackup is a free and flexible cloud backup arrangement intended to address the issues of all Windows computers. It has thorough elements that pursue it an extraordinary decision for individual and corporate use. Proficient with CBackup, you can back up your information to various cloud storage services to guarantee complexity and adaptability.

Highlights of CBackup:

  • Various cloud incorporations: CBackup upholds cloud storage administrations, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This permits you to consolidate capacity from various suppliers.
  • Incremental backup: Save time and data transmission by support up just changes made to your documents since the last trade.
  • Auto backup: Mechanize your information backup process by arranging day to day, week after week, or month to month information trades as indicated by your requirements.
  • Cloud sync: Support cloud to cloud transfer to keep your documents synchronized between various cloud administrations to guarantee you generally have the most recent form.
  • Easy to use interface: Its easy to use interface makes setting up and dealing with your backups simple in any event, for those with restricted specialized information.

Step by step instructions to backup Windows PC to cloud utilizing CBackup

Backing up your Windows PC to the cloud utilizing CBackup is simple.

Step 1. Download and introduce CBackup: Go to CBackup’s site and download the application. 

Stage 2 Make a record: Open CBackup and register for a free record. Assuming that you as of now have a record, you could just sign in.

Stage 3. Add cloud storage: Explore to the Storage segment in CBackup. Here you can add your favored cloud storage administration, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Adhere to the guidelines to connect your cloud drives.

Step 4. Set up the backup work: Go to the Backup tab and snap on Backup PC to Public Cloud. Select the files or folders you need to uphold from your Windows PC. Select the cloud you added before as the target location.

Step 5. Begin cloud backup: Click on Start Backup to begin the interaction. CBackup will begin transferring the chosen documents to the selected cloud storage administration.

Follow these means, you can productively back up your Windows PC to the cloud. And you can set up automatic cloud backup in Settings, using its Scheduler feature. This guarantees that your information is safeguarded consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Backup

What is the differences between cloud backup and cloud storage?

Cloud backup is basically intended for information insurance and recuperation. It includes making a duplicate of your information and putting away it in a solid and distant area. Cloud storage centers around giving an open space to put away and share documents. While both proposition distant capacity cloud backups incorporate extra highlights like programmed encryption and information recuperation choices.

How much cloud backup space space do I need for saving data online?

How much extra room required relies upon the size of information you need to back up. Begin by assessing the size of your significant records and reports. It is great practice to back up your whole framework. This incorporates the working framework, applications, and individual records. For most clients, only a couple hundred gigabytes to one terabyte of capacity is sufficient. 

Nonetheless, cloud administrations like CBackup permit you to join capacity from various suppliers. Giving you adaptability in dealing with your space.

Is cloud backup safe?

Indeed, cloud backups are protected when they are offered by a respectable support. For instance, CBackup utilizes encryption conventions to safeguard your information during move and capacity. Furthermore, most cloud administrations comply to severe information assurance guidelines and utilize various layers of safety to forestall unapproved access.

Can I access my cloud backup from any device?

Indeed, one of the significant benefits of cloud backup is the capacity to get to your documents from any gadget with a web association. Simply sign in to your distributed storage account from your internet browser or the important cloud administration’s application to get your records.


Making a free cloud backup of your Windows PC is a significant stage in safeguarding your information from unforeseen occasions. With CBackup, you can utilize various cloud storage administrations for cloud backup. A significant number of them computerize your reinforcement cycle and guarantee your records are protected with encryption.

By following the means depicted, you can productively set up and deal with your cloud reinforcements. Gives certainty and simple admittance to your information from anyplace on the planet.

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