How to Crack an Online Exam Like a Topper? 

Test-taking is seldom a student’s favorite way to prove their subject knowledge as it triggers major anxieties. The majority of students experience “exam fever” before or during the exams due to inadequate exam preparation, fear of failure, poor test-taking skills, self-doubts, negative thinking, and parental pressure. They find themselves confused and pressurized and in desperate need of guidance and assistance to proceed with the test-taking procedures.  

The secret to taking an online exam and performing well in it is being organized. Instead of waiting until the eleventh hour to read the instructions and cramming your brain, study in advance to deepen your understanding of the lessons you will be tested on. Review the test modules sent by your instructors beforehand so you can approach them to solve queries. 

Beating Exam Blues with Expert Help

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the academic industry has gone through a major transformation and introduced innovative teaching solutions to bridge the gap in the education process. In fact, many academic websites have embraced cutting-edge solutions to make learning and test-taking less cumbersome for learners worldwide. One such platform that’s popular for assisting students requesting “Please help me to take my online class with innovative solutions is

There’s nothing more valuable than getting personalized support from mentors with relevant academic knowledge and professional expertise. The experts at MyAssignmentHelp are handpicked based on a strict screening process and are committed to helping students attain success in their exams. By availing of their services, you can get individualized support for all types of online exams, including:

  • Timed exams
  • Untimed exams
  • Live online proctored tests
  • Automated proctored tests 
  • Coding assessment 
  • Subjective exams
  • Objective exams
  • Aptitude tests
  • Record-and-review proctored tests
  • Voice assessment tests

And that’s not all! When you request assistance, you are not just getting tips to complete your exams online – you are also learning from them about the latest updates and ways to tackle the questions effectively. 

Expert-Recommended Tips for Acing Online Exams 

Some students just have everything sorted – just like Hermione. They are punctual with their studies, write perfect essays, and earn awesome grades. In contrast, others are more like Weasley who is a bit laid back and struggles to stand out amongst others. No matter whom you relate to, you must always be prepared and practice the right habits to get top grades on your online tests. On that note, below we have listed some tried and tested tips to succeed in your next online examination. 

  • Be Sincere with Your Revision 

The first step to preparing for an online test is to create an effective revision environment. Revisions help your brain process information and push it into your long-term memory for quick recollection. Ideally, you should choose a quiet place where you can concentrate. Keep the area a distraction-free zone and temporarily block your social media so you can avoid the urge to check your phone now and then.

  • Understand the Exam Rules

Although the exam rules vary by university, be sure you have a clear idea of the following:

  • The exam format (timed or untimed)
  • Test data and time
  • Type of questions (MCQ, fill in the blank, detailed answers, etc.)
  • Computer system requirements 

Review the rules again and underline what you are permitted or not permitted to do during the exam. Then, check

  • the duration of the test
  • if the date is fixed or flexible 
  • if there’s a specific location for the test 
  • for other “need to know” factors 
  • Prepare Your Test-Taking Space

If you are permitted to take the test at home, find a good spot with zero distractions. Meaning no TV, social media, WhatsApp, or other notifications. Get everyone settled and notify them that you will be taking an exam. Then, gather everything you need for the test, including pens and notebooks, so you don’t have to leave the room in the middle of the test to work out a sum or take notes. 

  • Take Mock Tests to Practice

Exams are undoubtedly intimidating. But before you take the test, there are usually mock exams that you can try out to get accustomed to the exam process. Ask your course supervisor for recommendations and take them to gain confidence in navigating the exam software. 

  • Recheck Your Computer System

Imagine this: you turn on your computer to take a pre-scheduled exam only to discover that your system has an access problem. Your self-confidence would take a major fall! So, here is what you need to do:

  • Ccheck whether your system has the latest version of Windows or whether it complies with the given test specifications. 
  • Check if the internet connection is stable. Always have an alternative Wi-Fi access point to avoid unintended interruptions like logging out of your exam. 
  • Schedule Ample Time to Prepare

If you know your exam is a month away, do not wait until the last week to prepare. 

Begin studying 14 days in advance, even if you are just revising. Carefully review the study materials and take mock tests as and when they are available to test your knowledge. If practice tests are unavailable, use Quizlet to prepare your mock tests to evaluate your subject-specific knowledge. 

  • Stay Calm & Don’t Panic

Overthinking is a common problem among high school and college students partly because they fear missing deadlines or losing a lot of their grades. Excessive stress and anxiety can impact your mental peace and, thereby, your academic performance. 

Instead of doubting your abilities, focus on answering questions that you know. If you are stuck with a question, move on and come back to it when you are done with writing and reviewing the answers. Once the exam is over, assess your performance and check the questions you missed or couldn’t answer. Ask your instructor for feedback and work on improving the weak areas. 

Wrapping Up

Exams won’t be a torture practice if you are well-prepared. Give yourself enough time to understand the criticalities of online test taking and put your best foot forward by practicing these tips for promising results. To ease the process, bank on exam mentors for personalized support. 

Good Luck!

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