How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes [Step-by-Step Guide]

Can I Backup My iPhone to My Computer Without iTunes?

To forestall superfluous information misfortune, it’s wise to back up your iPhone ahead of time. While iTunes is a well known decision for Apple clients because of its commonality, it has a few restrictions. For example, iTunes doesn’t permit particular information backups and can overwrite your iPhone during rebuilding.

Luckily, iTunes isn’t your main choice for iPhone backups. Outsider devices offer elective ways of support up your iPhone to a PC.

FoneTool – Best Alternative to Backup iPhone Without iTunes

How to backup iPhone to Windows PC without relying on iTunes? FoneTool is one of the best iPhone backup software that that gives the ideal answer for support up your iPhone to your PC, created by a group with over 10 years of involvement with information security and offering proficient iPhone backup highlights.

With the help of FoneTool, you can pick between two backup modes: full backup and specific backup. Download FoneTool on your PC and follow the means underneath to back up your iPhone as per your inclinations.

Key Features of Using FoneTool for iPhone Backup:

  • No Internet Required: FoneTool performs backups straightforwardly from your iPhone to your PC, dispensing with the requirement for a web association.
  • No Data Overwrite: FoneTool guarantees that current backups are not overwritten, permitting you to make different backups without losing any past information.
  • High-Speed Backup: FoneTool gives quick information backup speeds, fundamentally lessening the time expected to finish a backup.
  • Encrypted Backup: For improved security, FoneTool permits you to scramble your backups, safeguarding your information with a secret word.
  • Data Preview and Restore: Before restoring data, FoneTool lets you preview the backup files, enabling you to select exactly what you want to restore to your iPhone.
  • Support for External Storage: You can save backups to outer capacity gadgets, for example, USB drives or hard drives, offering greater adaptability in dealing with your backup information.

How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes but via FoneTool – 2 Ways

Now that you know the benefits of FoneTool, how to backup iPhone without iTunes? There are two ways to help you back up your iPhone using FoneTool.

Way 1. Selectively Backup iPhone Without iTunes on PC

With FoneTool’s Particular backup, you have the choice to see and pick explicit photographs, recordings, tunes, contacts, and directives for backup. The backup records stay available and overwrite no current information on your gadget during rebuilding.

The following is an aide on the most proficient method to backup your iPhone on Windows 10, 11, 8, or 7 without utilizing iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC using a safe USB cable > Run FoneTool on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Begin by selecting Phone Backup”and navigating to Selective Backup > Click the Get Started button to continue.

Step 3: Click the respective icon to specify the types of data you wish to include > Preview and select the desired data, then click OK.

Step 4: Define the storage location and initiate the backup process by clicking Start Backup.

Way 2. Make a Full iPhone Backup Without iTunes on PC

The Full backup highlight permits you to save photographs, contacts, call history, instant messages, reminders, schedules, Safari information (history and bookmarks), applications (counting information documents and inclinations), and framework settings with a solitary snap, similar as iTunes.

Here is a straightforward aide on the most proficient method to make a full iPhone backup with FoneTool:

Step 1: Launch FoneTool to its main interface > Select Phone Backup and proceed to Full Backup > Click Get Started to begin the backup process.

Step 2: Enable backup encryption as you need, choose your desired storage location, and click Start Backup.

Step 3: If needed, you can visit Backup History to view and manage your backup tasks effortlessly.

In addition to iPhone data transfer, FoneTool allows you to perform the iOS to PC file transfer.

The Bottom Line

When backing up your iPhone without using iTunes, you can choose to use FoneTool – an alternative that doesn’t rely on iTunes or iCloud. FoneTool offers a variety of backup methods to meet different backup needs.It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily perform iPhone backups without iTunes or iCloud.

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