How the national team of Côte d’Ivoire won CAN 2023

The African Cup of Nations is the premier tournament at national team level that is regularly played on the Black Continent. It gathers the strongest teams to determine the winner. To make it even easier to follow their progress, download and install the program for your gadget from You can watch all the action on your phone even easier.

The 2023 tournament between the best African teams takes place in Côte d’Ivoire. Initially, the hosts of the competition did not perform at their best. The team barely managed to make it to the playoffs. Already during the group stage, the Ivorian’s fired the head coach. However, over time, the team managed to find its game and passed each of the stages step by step. So, it reached the final, where its opponent was the national team of Nigeria. By the way, you can download the app, install it and bet at 1xBet on matches involving this team.

So, the final match was tense and intense. The Nigerians took the lead in the first half. However, in the second half of the meeting, the Ivorian team once again showed their class. First, Franck Kessier equalized the score, and Sebastien Allaire scored the winning goal at the end of the game. As a result, 2:1 in favor of Côte d’Ivoire.

Why did the Ivorian’s manage to win?

The team has literally rebuilt itself during the tournament. It played more and more confidently with each match. It is easy to follow its current successes if you manage to download 1xBet download for PC. It covers even friendly matches of the Ivorian’s. 

As for their performance at the African Cup of Nations in 2023, it can be noted that the team managed to achieve a positive result for itself due to:

  1. Good chemistry of the players. It was a real solid team at the end of the tournament. All the actions of the players on the field were coherent and well trained. 
  2. Motivation. Players gradually gained faith in themselves during that tournament. The support of the fans also helped a lot. The players realized that they had no right to fall foul of their fans in the decisive match.
  3. A great performance from the leaders. Take the same Allaire, who scored the decisive goal. Sebastian did not have the best tournament in general. However, his accurate shots in the semifinals and the deciding game finally brought the team the coveted trophy.

As a result, the Ivorian’s deservedly triumphed. It is easy to follow their current matches on 1xBet, and if you manage to download for PC the bookmaker’s program, you can pay even more attention to the predictions. The match schedule is very tight, but now no meeting will not pass you by.

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