200+ Best Instagram Bio Ideas Short and Stylish 2024

Find 200+ Short Instagram bio ideas to captivate your audience. Simply copy and paste for an instant profile upgrade! 

In this post, we have written Cool Instagram Bio especially for Boys and Girls, shared it. If you have trouble with Instagram bio, then you can copy and paste your favorite Instagram bio from this post and put it in your status bio.


Cool Instagram Bios

instagram bios

Time is precious, waste it wisely.

Being myself – Everyone else is taken.

When I’m downie I eat a brownie.

5’2 is my height but my attitude is 6’1.

When I am upsetti I eat some spaghetti.

I’m cool, but global warming made me HOT.

Looking for hashtags – they look like waffles.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Do justly. Love Mercy. Walk humbly.

When nothing goes right….swipe!

Remember to always be yourself.

The best of me is yet to come.

First I drink the coffee. Then I do things.

When daydreams become reality.

Do you know what I like about people? Their dogs.

I already want to take a nap tomorrow.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.

Instagram Bio to Get Followers

Thank you, come again.

Follow Me To Greatness

Follow my [adjective] story

Pls follow us on Instagram

Follow along to witness history in the making

I’m on my journey. Join me by following along.

Wanna know my story? Press that follow button.

Follow me to get a behind the scenes look at my life.

Great Instagram Bios Quotes

instagram bios

Don’t try to change me.

Forgive? Yes. Forget? Never.

I get it from my mama.

I was not born for mediocre.

You’re just jealous cuz I got swag.

You’re too rad to be sad.

Scratch here to reveal my bio.

I only use Instagram to stalk.

Change your life today.

Every day is a second chance.

Fair is where you get cotton candy.

Find comfort in the chaos.

If you dare you will win.

Funny Instagram Bios

Born at a very young age

To infinity and beyond

Hey, are you rereading my Bio?

Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

Math: Mental Abuse To Humans

Living vicariously through myself.

I am not a player…I’m the game

Give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

I will win, not immediately but definitely.

When life throws a rock at you, throw back a brick.

On the other hand, you have different fingers.

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

Few women admit their age; few men act it.

God is really creative. I mean, just look at me.

Living vicariously through myself.

I’m a glowstick – I had to break before I could shine.

I wanna be different just like everyone else.

I’m here to avoid friends on Facebook.

My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I still don’t understand Instagram, but here I am anyway.

I can’t remember who I stole my bio from or why.

Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance?

I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking.

Swag Bio for Instagram

You’re just jealous cuz I got swag.

Forgive? Yes. Forget? Never.

Don’t try to change me.

A coconut a day keeps the doctor away.

Scratch here to reveal my bio.

Just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin.

Where the heck am I? How did I get here?

Why blend in when you born to stand out.

Make peace with your broken pieces.

Savage attitude but a golden heart.

I don’t look like this in real life.

If you fall, worry not. The floor will be there.

I followed my heart, it led me to the fridge.

I need 6 months of vacation twice a year.

Give me the chocolate and nobody will get hurt.

I can resist everything except temptation.

I wanna be different just like everyone else.

God gave me a lot of hair, but not a lot of height.

Acting like summer & walking like rain.

Bad decisions make for the best stories.

Instagram Bio Quotes Ideas

“I am not getting old. I’m getting better.”

A didn’t lose a follower. A follower lost me.

Reality is wrong. The dream is real.

Love comprises of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Better days are coming. They are on Saturday and Sunday.

It isn’t History that creates Heroes. It’s Heroes that create History.

I tried to follow the best account. But it says “Edit Profile.”

Fashion is what you buy. The style is what you do with it.

Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest.

Darkness exists to make the Light honestly.

Maybe if I keep my distance, you will start missing me.

Better days are coming. They are on Saturday and Sunday.

Love comprises of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

A didn’t lose a follower. A follower lost me.

Inspirational Insta Bio Ideas

All you need to know is that IT IS POSSIBLE.

Don’t stop until you’re proud.

Life is short. Do stuff that matters.

When it rains look for rainbows.

Is the journey, not the arrival, that matters.

Be the EXTRA in extraordinary.

Fair is where you get cotton candy.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.

Silent people tend to have the loudest minds.

This above all, to thine own self, be true.

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

Wherever life plants you bloom with grace.

With confidence, you have won before you have started.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

If you look at what you already have in life, you’ll always have more.

Travel Bio for Instagram

I travel so my life isn’t disrupted by routine.

What’s on my bucket list? Everywhere.

Always say yes to new adventures.

Will travel for food (and a good sunset).

Life is not meant to be in one place.

“Forever falling for waterfalls and wanderlust.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

“Life is too short to stay in one place, so BRB.”

“In a committed relationship with my passport.”

“Just here to see new places and meet new faces.”

“Risk taker. Adventurer. Globetrotter. Living my dreams.”

“Exactly where I want to be: right here in paradise.”

“On a constant search for some vitamin sea.”

“Living in the present for the stories I’ll tell in the future.”

Professional Instagram Bios

Press that follow button to know my story.

Turn that blue follow button to white.

Wanna know my story? Press that follow button.

Follow me to get a behind the scenes look at my life

I’m on my journey. Join me by following along.

You see, everyone has a story but mine is a mystery. Follow me.

Don’t know what to do? You can start by hitting that follow button.

Instagram Bio for Boys

Short Attitude Bio for Boys

Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

Boys always make things more complicated.

They hate me because it’s easier than beating me.

I am coming for everything they say I couldn’t have.

Take the risk, it could lead to something beautiful.

Boys don’t make passes at female smart-asses.

Don’t give me your attitude, unless you want mine.

Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen.

The less you talk the more people think about your words

Ideas To Get Followers for Boys

Follow along to witness history in the making.

Join my journey by hitting the follow button.

You need to press that follow button to know my story.

Like what you see? Then follow our page!

Confused what to do? Click the follow button!

Wanna know my story? Press that follow button.

I’m on my journey. Join me by following along.

Follow me to get a behind the scenes look at my life.

Follow along to witness history in the making.

Stylish Bio for Boys with Emoji

⛔Öffïcïâl âccöùnt #MÖM fïrst kiss 9 sep 👓Fâshïôñåblé 👔Hâïr Stylö 📞Mob:-95—–309 📲watsapp 🛩Lövë to Trävél 📷Phötögrâphy Lôvér 🍗Föödîés 🎖Pùnêkår

😎MR. perfect😎 👑Royal entry on 9 july🎂 🙏Respect girls🙏 💝Music lover🎶 😎Bindas chora😎 😊cute kamina😉 😎No gf Q ki abhi ma to ma chota hu na😋

🔸 OFFICIAL ACCOUNT 😋LoGin In WoRld_30/Dec ☣ Ôwņ ŘúĽÊś ☠ 🎧Muѕíc Addíctєd… 💓Hak Sє Sínglє… 😍⏩⏭ ❌ ȚřÛśť 🚫 👉📷Phøťöhøłïç📷 😍 love➡🏍🚘🎧

🐅 вíg fєn σf ѕαrdαr pαtєl 🐅 🎂 wíѕh_mє_σn_13/01 🎂🎈 👳 кαтнιуανα∂_иσ_кιиg 👳 🔱 нαя нαя мαнα∂єν 🔱

😰 Papa ka sar dard 😀 😍 Mama ka ladla 😘 😀 Kamina frnd ki jaan 😘 ❤️ Single ❤️ 😄 Bindasss life 😄 😊 No attitude 😄

👉👑kìñg øf 1⃣7⃣ April👑 👉❤bläçk løvēr❤ 👉📷phøťöhøłïç📷 👉👔WHÏTE👓łøvêř👟 👉🔥Bìg fãñ øf MY SELF🔥 👉😑Pûrê sìñglé😑 👉🙌Prōûd 2 më🙌

🔪🍩 Cake murder on 12,Jan. ✌😍 KTM lover 😎 Attitude Banda,🎩👑 Live like king└(^o^)┘ Never give up 🙅Be your best version 🍁

❤Don’t love too soon*😉 ❤Don’t trust too fast* ❤Don’t expect too high* ❤Because it hurts😏 ❤Love.is.easy.but.i.m.busy❤

👫 Mom + Dad 👉 My World 💖 💪 Champion 🏆 🎶 Music Lover 🎶 😘 lv My Friends 💝 💙 Girls were Respect ☺

I don’t CaRe aBout what Other’s think.. about Me.. I just care about what i think about myself👌👍

You either die a hero😎😎or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain😠😠

Instagram Bio for Girls

Short Attitude Bio for Girls

Life is super cool without any rule.

Make it happen and shock everyone.

If nothing goes right, then go to bed.

I am a hot girl with a cool attitude.

I hate compromising my dreams for others.

I’m the queen who isn’t looking’ for a prom king.

I’m a bad girl, you certainly aren’t used to that.

Be pretty ♕; make money and dress well 🤑.

Constantly put on your invisible crown.

Attitude Instagram Bio for Girls

Never let anybody dull your sparkle.

They can’t put me down, so they hate me.

Please keep your nose out of it, It’s my life!!!

I’m the girl you can only dream of and never get!

Before judging me prove that you’re perfect.

Just Wing it, be it Eyeliner, Life or everything.

FAQ About Instagram Bio.

What is Instagram Bio?

An Instagram bio is the little area under your username where you can share a few insights regarding yourself or your business. Your Instagram bio can include a concise self or brand details, contact details, emoticons, hashtags and more.

How to Create Instagram Bio ?

How to Create Instagram Bio ?

How to Write a proper Bio for your Instagram Profile?

Add a profile image or logo.
Write your name or brand name.
Write about your profession.
Write extra info about yourself or business.
Add call to action.
6.Story Highlights

7. Add emoji.

1. Add a profile image or logo.

Your profile photos are most important when someone visits your Instagram profile. Use a free tool like Adobe Express edit photo to make sure your image is cropped, clear, and visually appealing. It will express your first impression to the viewer and create a good impression if your Instagram profile looks good and attractive.

2. Write your name or brand name.

Add your full name in your Instagram bio if it is your personal profile if you’re running a business profile that is obviously all about you or your brand or business’s name. If

3. Write about your profession.

In short your have to write a short description about yourself or brand. As we know that our profile description is the core of our Instagram bio.

4. Write extra info about yourself or business.

Provide some more detail information about your business, Indicating your business type will give visitors a better, immediate idea of the products you offer.

5. Add call to action or  Clickable URL

Clickable URL : Clickable links are not allowed anywhere outside of the Website field in your bio. Add a link in this box to send visitors to your website or page where you want to drive your traffic.

Add call to action : Direct Call

Email : Send an email to your company.

Call : Contact your business via phone.

Book : Book an appointment.

Get Tickets : Get tickets for an event.

6. Story Highlights

Story Highlights are groups of Stories you can present as clickable thumbnails on your Instagram profile.

7. Add emoji.

If you like emojis, then you must add emojis to your Instagram Bio because emojis are the first to infuse our eyes and they also look good.

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