Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck to Dominate Arena

Clash Royale Season 60 has now debuted another amazing evolution event — Goblin Barrel Evolution which is shaking things up in a big way. Here you guys would experience a whole new level of Clash Royale goblin barrel with an extra level of defense and agility.

So, now you would exactly be looking for a decent Clash Royale Goblin Barrel deck. We have prepared a most chaotic and powerful deck, which outclasss any opponent and wins you a whole Goblin Barrel Evolution event. We’ve included Log in this deck, but since it’s a legendary card, you can unlock it with Clash Royale gems if you don’t already have it.

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Meet the Evolved Clash Royale Goblin Barrel

First, take a quick look at what Evolved Goblin Barrel is!

The Evolved Goblin Barrel is a solid card and changes the tide of the game. When the second Goblin Barrels are recycled, the third one takes an evolution and drops two barrels at each tower. The first barrel works like the old Goblin Barrel Clash Royale, and the second one shoots decoys that have the same amount of damage as goblins but half of their hit points. This makes the second barrel’s goblins fragile so they require some powerful support to

Introducing Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck

This deck’s true strength is because of the variety of Clash Royale Goblins including Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, and evolved goblin barrel, as decoy goblins soak up spells like zap or log, we can then use goblin barrel to get maximum benefit by obliterating towers truly. As recruits, Princess and Goblin Gang help in creating large pushes, their synergy with wall breaker goblin barrel is highly devastating and wipes out the whole tower in one cycle if you utilize all the card inharmony.

Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck Card Breakdown and Stats

Card 1: Evolved Goblin Barrel

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Primary win condition.
  • Why It’s Used: The decoy goblins absorb hits, letting the goblin barrel deal damage..

Card 2: Royal Recruits

  • Elixir Cost: 7
  • Role: Defensive and offensive unit.
  • Why It’s Used: These highly trained recruits control both sides and their shields make them highly effective against any card. Use it as a tank in the deck.

Card 3: Wall Breakers

  • Elixir Cost: 2
  • Role: High-damage dealer.
  • Why It’s Used: These are very devastating and cause significant damage to towers, using them before tanks is crucial.

Card 4: Princess

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Support and splash damage.
  • Why It’s Used: This legendary unit has long-range splash damage and constant chip damage and helps swarm like the minions, skeletons and goblin.

Card 5: Dart Goblin

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: High-speed damage dealer.
  • Why It’s Used: This ancient Goblin launches quick darts which can be highly effective if it is placed before any tank unit and it easily wipes out flying units as well.

Card 6: Goblin Gang

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Versatile defensive unit.
  • Why It’s Used: This combo is booth elixir-friendly and useful against tanky slow units.

Card 7: Log

  • Elixir Cost: 2
  • Role: Spell.
  • Why It’s Used: Log speciality is killing all swarm units pushing back other units and also damaging towers.

Card 8: Rascals

  • Elixir Cost: 5
  • Role: Defensive and offensive unit.
  • Why It’s Used: this group of 1 giant goblin with 2 archer girls is useful for both defensive and offensive pushes and sometimes changes the tide of battle.

The Average Elixir Cost is Great!

The deck is superb but its elixir cost of 3,5 makes it highly efficient which keeps your cycle short and running and doesn’t give your opponent any gaps for potential attacks.

Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck Winning Strategy

To get the maximum out of this deck, you should go all out with Princess at the back or Spilt Royal recruit to busy your opponent and let him waste his elixir on a couture attack. Then quickly drop Goblin Barrel to keep your opponent on their toes; if you are lucky, you can cast a considerable amount of damage to your opponent’s tower at just the beginning of the game.

Now time to play very cautiously to avoid your opponent’s strong attacks. You can distract them by spawning Goblin Gang and Wall Breaker. Just Keep cycling and keep pressure on so they can’t use their potential pushes. 

In double elixir time, it’s go big or go home. It’s time to build up massive pushes with Royal Recruits and support them with Princess, Dark Goblin, and a perfectly timed evolved Goblin barrel; which if placed carefully can quickly dust down the tower and win you the match.


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