Amazonite: The Gem of Courage, Healing, and Spiritual Balance

Amazonite is a stone of bravery and self-assurance that opens up new avenues for understanding life. It is said to balance the extremes of masculine and feminine energy. Amazonite is also thought to have properties that protect against EMF radiation and activate the heart and throat chakras, allowing for true communication. Wearing Amazonite regularly can enhance one’s clairvoyant abilities. It is also a birthstone for Virgo. In ancient Egypt, amazonite jewelry was revered as a sacred healing stone that bestowed success.

History of Amazonite Gem

Amazonite mineral stone was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians, who carved it into important texts and used it to make exquisite jewelry and decorative objects. Amazonite has long been prized for its quality and ability to heal. It is believed that this pale green mineral stone dates back to the 10th century BC.

How To Use Amazonite

Now that you know where these healing crystals can be found, their history, and their meaning, the next step is to figure out how to use them. You’ll want to use Amazonite as effectively as possible so that you can fully benefit from its positive properties.

The good news is that amazonite jewelry can be used in many different ways. There are numerous methods to use and exhibit Amazonite, from wearing it as jewelry to arranging it as a striking focal point in any room of your house.

You can use Amazonite in a single method or multiple ways to maximize its positive effects.

  • Use it as jewelry.

Wearing your labradorite stones as jewelry is the most convenient way to keep them near at hand. When you wear labradorite as a necklace, earrings, or rings, you’ll always have this gemstone with you. A labradorite necklace is ideal because it works best when worn at the highest point of the body.

However, labradorite has been shown to be effective in other areas of the body. If you wear a labradorite ring, for instance, as a healer (e.g., a reiki practitioner), the energy you possess will be transferred through your hands to the patient.

  • Use it in your meditation practice

Amazonite crystals are a great way to use in your meditation sessions if you regularly aim for the best outcome when seeking peace and tranquility. Hold an Amazonite stone while you meditate and focus on embracing change and being open to it. Your Amazonite crystal will drive out negativity and give you the courage and power you need to face any instability in your life. 

  • Amazonite can help balance your chakras

You may also utilize amazonite for chakra balance. The heart and throat chakras are particularly in tune with these therapeutic gems.

You can clear your heart chakra of harmful energy and toxic emotions that could be interfering with your happiness by using this gemstone in your cleansing ritual.

The throat chakra is one more chakra that gains from having Amazonite present during a chakra cleansing. By bringing this center of energy into balance, it facilitates expression and connection. It permits the person to express themselves clearly and with well-founded positive feelings.

  • Showcase Amazonite in Your Home or Office

You can purchase a sizable display to put up in your house or place of business if you’d prefer to have a larger Amazonite in a space you use frequently. Put the Amazonite in a location that you will see it often during the day. This will help you embrace hope and recognize the readiness for change.

When you walk by your Amazonite, you will always feel the positive energy and strong vibrations it emits. It makes a lovely decorative piece for your table or bookshelf for purely aesthetic reasons.

  • Collect Amazonite Crystals

Crystal enthusiasts may enjoy collecting a wide range of crystals and gemstones for their multifaceted benefits. You can add a few Amazonite crystals to your gemstone collection to feel their powerful properties.

Amazonite crystals are available in a wide variety of sizes and forms, so you may gather a variety and take advantage of their special qualities in addition to their therapeutic benefits. Purchase a couple smaller ones so you may carry them in your handbag or pocket for on-the-go healing.

How to Care For Your Amazonite

Amazonite is a relatively delicate gemstone, even though it is sturdy enough to be worn as jewelry, so it is important to take good care of the crystals. A few of our top suggestions for maintaining the pristine appearance of your amazonite jewelry are listed below:

  • Avoid wearing jewelry made of amazonite while cleaning or exercising. These activities can scratch or damage the stone.
  • Avoid exposing amazonite jewelry to direct sunlight or other heat sources for an extended period of time as this may cause the stunning color to fade.
  • To avoid scratches and chips, keep your amazonite jewelry stored apart from other gemstones.
  • With a gentle, moist cloth and a small amount of soap, clean your amazonite jewelry. Because they can harm the stone, stay away from using strong chemicals or ultrasonic cleaning.
  • When taking a bath or a swim, take off your amazonite jewelry because the stone can get damaged by the water and chemicals like chlorine.

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